the round-up

This week I’ve been counting down the days until I go to Australia weeeeeeeee!!! Apart from making endless packing lists and stocking up on bug spray, I have been…

Crushing on mannish coats, white shirts and skinny jeans over on Pinterest

Loving Sinead O’Connor even more since she gave Miley some much-needed advice

Finding out how much the Daily Mail hates me (hint: rather a lot)

Getting excited about Bonfire Night – God knows I’ll need something to look forward to when I get back.

Attempting a 5 year life plan– and failing miserably!


Yet another beautiful day in Manchester – we really are being spoilt with all this sunshine this Autumn. I met up with the other half of the family to look around St. Peter’s church in Ancoats. Such a beautiful space! It’s now being used by the Halle Orchestra for a rehearsal space, and I felt very privileged to be able to see the inside of it while the band were setting up. After we went to a coffee shop nearby and I had a peruse of the Sunday papers – always pleasant to gaze on Mr Cumberbatch’s face 🙂Photos - 855

Photos - 857

Photos - 859

Photos - 856

Photos - 863

Photos - 862

Photos - 867

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urban splash

I spent today catching up with the family before I leave for Australia (9 days! Woop woop!) We went to the Northern Quarter for some lunch (Bakerie – food was amazing), and after we wandered round Ancoats and Islington. There’s been an awful lot of regeneration since the last time I was there; I was taken aback by how much the area has changed. But while it’s a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, strolling by the canal and taking in the scenery, I wonder how far the gentrification can continue until the money runs out; I sincerely hope this doesn’t become a half-finished project, especially when it feels like such a positive beginning…

Ancoats - 17

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